The Raffaele De Ritis Collection
and Library of Performing Arts

Started as an hobby in the early 70s, the private Raffaele De Ritis Collection and Library on Performing Arts houses today about 10.000 documents and memorabilia concerning live entertainment thorough the ages.

Topics includes circus, clown, magic, mime, Commedia dell'Arte, pantomime , puppetry, variety, music-hall, strip-tease, sideshows, comedy cinema; and side entertainment branches as gambling, scams and cocktail art.

It is accessible by appointment for scholars and researchers.

The collection is housed in Pescara, Italy.

 The library, regularly updated, is composed by more than 2000 publications from all over the world. Those includes classics of the world circus literature from the origins, including a rare section of Soviet books. It also hosts an extensive collection of  biographies of silent movie comedians, and the basis of literature about variety and vaudeville in Europe and America.

International circus history is also  documented with about 1000 playbills and posters, and 2000 program-magazines and brochures.

The video archives contains thousands of circus act recordings from the 1950s on.

The engraving collection includes hundreds of prints, some dating back to XIVth century.

Details are occasionally covered in the blog section of this site.