Circus consultant at Italy's State RaiTre Tv company for the circus and magic productions and for  series “Il Circo di Raitre” (1994-96 and 2002- 2006),  app. 60 different 2-hours programs. Series including yearly broadcasting programs of Monte Carlo International Circus Festival.
Hundreds of hours broadcasted in more than 20 countries including Arte, Chinese CCTV3, Portuguese RTP1, German HR & NDR, Singapore Mediacorp, Finnish YLE, Greece ERT3, Russian Kultura Tv .

Series and programs


Circo, program, Rai, 1993 - 1996
History of Monte Carlo Circus Festival,series Raitre, 2002 -2005
Bolshoi Moscow Circus, series, Raitre, 1993-94

Circo Massimo, Raitre, 2002 -2005
Circo, series, Rai, 1993 - 1996 / 2002 -2005

Festival broadcasting supervision
Festival del Circo di Monte Carlo, Raitre, 2002 -2005
Festival du Cirque de Demain , Raitre, 2001-2003
Golden Circus Festival, Raitre, 2002 -2005


Concept and writing:

La quadratura del circo”. Rai, 2002
Director Francesca Nesler
An exploration  about the rise of European  “nouveau cirques”  and their performers.

Cirque du Soleil: nella fabbrica del sogno” . Rai, 2002
Director Francesca Nesler

A day in the life of  Saltimbanco".
Firsts ever documentary allowed to the backstage at Cirque.

TV adaptations from own shows

TV adaptations of own live shows as director or associate. Main:

Monte Carlo Magic stars,  ABC TV, 1999

Tel Chi el Telun comedy series , Canale 5, 2000 and Polygram DVD

Stelle del Circo circus festival , Canale 5, 1993

Raul Cremona recitals, Rai, Sky, Canale 5 (1997-2005) and Polygram DVDs

Dragone's Aida, Rai 2012