"The end of all magic is to feed with mystery the human mind,
which dearly loves mystery".  Harry Kellar



By  early childhood, Raffaele De Ritis began his solitary escapes to the strolling life, following century-old families of the circus and travelling fairs along the roads of Europe.

Without refusing an academic and theatrical education in Rome and Paris, he began to earn his life in the frequentation of carnival barkers, crocodile hypnotists, quick-change virtuosos, con artists.

Such modest knowledge of century-old secrets allows him today  to animate singular evenings:  being a theatrical excuse for reviving tales, histories and charachters he absorbed on the road or learned from secretive manuscripts of, helas faded, golden ages.

Those recreations can eventually include small  theatrical pieces based on ancestral subterfuges: intimate magic, mind reading, card gambling, miracles of fakirism, boxing kangaroo exhibitions and similar amenities.


His  artistic wanderings in the mistery field are also related to the aesthetic and scientific researchs of Surnateum - Museum of Supernatural History of Bruxelles, Belgium.