“Your work is compelling”.
Julie Taymor

“I risk to repeat myself, I’m happy to have you as my collaborator”.
Franco Dragone

“The living man with the widest knowledge of novelty acts, past and present”. Ricky Jay

“A fine director, helping infuse an experience with a strong sense of past.
Thanks for contributing in making a dream come true”.
Kenneth Feld, CEO Feld Entertainment (Ringling bros., Disney Live)

“I praise your energy and talent. I do want to work with you again at any time”.
Mark Huffman, Creative Director – Walt Disney World Resort

“Fresh eye,  immersion in european milieu and  depth of knowledge about circus”.
Paul Binder, founder, Big Apple Circus

“At the leading edge of a new wave of European circus directors”.
Glenn Collins, The New York Times

“A major scholar in circus history”
Don Stacey, The Stage magazine

“Raffaele De Ritis has done a super job in giving the old-time circus a new look, and the effect is magic and wonderous.
This is the show for which God invented the circus”
Clive Barnes, New York Post

“Raffaele De Ritis, best known to circusgoing New Yorkers as the creator of the unforgettable Barnum’s Kaleidoscape of 2000”.
Lawrence Van Gelder, The New York Times

A chapter about Raffaele De Ritis’ work and career appears in the book “The Contemporary Circus” (Scarecrow Press, 2006, Usa), by Ernest Albrecht, drama teacher at Princeton University.
He is also one of research objects in David L.Hammastrom’s “Fall of the Big Top. The vanishing American circus” (McFarland Press, 2007, Usa).

He is portrayed as a main character of “L’arsenale delle apparizioni”, from award winning novelist Roberto Alajmo,  (Marsilio publishing, Venezia, 2001) and quoted in Robert Sugarman, “The Many Worlds of Circus”, (Cambridge, 2007).